âme moi is not a regular brand, our inner belief is that âme moi is a true woman with multiple personalities, multiple visions. As a strong woman, âme moi, stands for every women. We are more than handbags, more than a simple aesthetic detail.

Our first and main inspiration is horses. They are truly elegant, vivid, magical, loyal and incredibly imposing. This inspiration led us to âme moi, a pure representation of this emblematic and soulful world. Women deserve to feel empowered in every aspect of their days, so âme moi was created under that dream.

We see soul in everything, we put soul in every aspect of our vision when it comes to design, color and materials. We also share that same soul with our artisans in order to create a part of something powerful - your âmemoi handbag. 

Our main goal in this fast and energetic fashion world is to really remind women that each one of them are enough as they are, and most importantly, no matter what style they prefer, âme moi awakens the true soul inside them. 

âme moi sees no color, no style, no boundaries. 
We just want you to do one thing - Grab your soul and wear it. 


Horses are our best and eternal friend. Actually, horses are our very own inspiration, our basilar structure, our deepest dna element. The very truth regarding âme moi's red leather interiors is completely and directly connected to horses, mostly to their pure and yet, so fragile, loyalty. Horses are a very special animal with a vast range of emotions and feelings towards their life and people who connect with them.

Who chose red for any and each âme moi, we chose red because we feel that is our most precious, genuine and flawless tribute to them.  Because they never let us down, because we will never let you - an âme moi lover - down.