Besides the Feminist side, âme moi is a true advocate of cultural expression, wether it is music, fashion or arts.

For that same reason, we've created a Limited Edition inspired in our National roots, starting from a cultural Portuguese Pilar  - Painting.

Amadeo de Souza Cardoso is a major artist of Portuguese Modernism and probably one of the 20th century, having carried out in a short space of time a vast work which proved permeable to the main strains of painting of his time.As such, and as the history is made to be celebrated, we invite Amadeo's ri-granddaughter niece to get involved in this project by chosing the paiting that inspires the handbag. The closeness and complicity between Isabel Rebelo de Andrade and the creative team of âme moi were, are and will be essential for the exaltation of these works that now expand and depart from the canvas to an exclusive and symbolic handbag.

He also loved horses and he also was very much in love with a woman named Lucie.

The second handbag of this limited collection and very much dedicated to Lucie, will be presented in September, promising small sketches of this in the near future.

This Limited Collection is a true tribute to his art and to his great love - an âme moi woman, for sure.